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Growing Traffic and Sales

Saving The Lemming

Recently I have become utterly obsessive about E-Commerce and business site design. This began after I spent a few hours reviewing a friend's Pay Per Click (PPC) invoice. Apart from rivalling the deficit of a national bank his campaign was providing little success. Delving a little deeper, his problem turned out not to be traffic, rather his site has all the basics wrong.

While there are many techniques for running lean and successful PPC campaigns I want to take a step back to look at these fundamentals.


9 Easy Ways to Boost Online Sales

It may not be sexy, but often it pays to go back to basics with your E-Commerce store and make sure that the simple things are in place and work properly.


Three top free tools for online marketing

I'm in a generous mood this month, so I thought I would give away the details of some of my favourite free marketing tools that can really give a boost to your online marketing.


The Rooney Factor - counting the cost of loyalty

Wayne Rooney's proposed departure from Manchester United raised some interesting questions about loyalty and relationships, which have implications in marketing as much as they do in sport.

Everyone in marketing recognises the importance of customer loyalty. The most profitable business is usually repeat business, because there is no cost of acquisition. Inspiring loyalty from customers should be at the top of every company's agenda. And the best way to do that is by showing loyalty to them. This means listening to what that have to say - and in marketing, that can be a challenge.


Increasing Sales Through Customer Feedback

Ask any professional in the E-Commerce space and they will give you a different answer on how to increase sales. Some will say that you must address the trust issue of online commerce; others are working on smart imagery, providing the consumer detailed product information via zoom, crops and 360 degree transitions. Others emphasise the ability to identify additional products that buyers might be interested in. Then there are the latest developments enabled by smart phones, including augmented reality. However, I think that there is one area that every site should address, which is customer feedback. Experiences of site owners have shown that getting it right is likely to grow sales by around 10 - 15%, so this seems a good reason to focus on it.


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