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Cards, Banks and Currencies

Sellerdeck Payments integrates with all major UK banks, and some minor ones

The acquiring banks supported are listed below along with information concerning:

  • Whether a separate merchant account is required for MOTO (mail order, telephone order) / CNP and internet / E-Commerce credit card processing
  • Whether AVS is supported
  • Whether CVV/CV2/CVC is supported
  • Whether 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode) is supported
Same Merchant ID/
Account for
Ecommerce and
AVS CVV 3D Secure
Allied Irish Bank Yes No Yes Yes
American Express No Yes Yes No
Barclays Merchant Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lloyds Cardnet No Yes Yes Yes
Diners TBC No Yes No
Elavon*/EuroConex/Alliance and Leicester No Yes Yes Yes
HSBC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Halifax Bank of Scotland No Yes Yes Yes
Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest Streamline No Yes Yes Yes

* Elavon require all transactions to be 3D secure, please make sure this is turned on within your Sellerdeck product.

Supported Cards

The following card types are supported with all the acquiring banks listed as supported:

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard
  • Mastercard Debit
  • UK Maestro (previously Switch)
  • International Maestro
  • Solo (Mastercard Debit)
  • Electron (Visa Debit)
  • Visa Delta
  • Amex (see below)
  • Diners (see below)

To accept Amex you must have an Amex merchant account. Amex Merchant accounts can be obtained directly from Amex and in some cases through the primary acquiring bank although this tends to be more expensive. A separate connection to your Sellerdeck Payments account is required to support Amex. This can be done during your initial Sellerdeck Payments setup, or added later for a small additional charge.

To support Diners you must have a Diners merchant account available from Diners. The following are not supported:

  • Laser, an Irish debit brand (it is supported via Allied Irish Bank)
  • Irish Domestic Maestro (it is supported via Allied Irish Bank)
  • JCB cards, Ulster Bank and First National are not integrated with Sellerdeck Payments

Accepted currencies

Sellerdeck Payments will support payments in pounds sterling, US dollars and Euros but you must have a merchant account capable of supporting the currency you wish to accept. Contact your acquiring bank to confirm this. Each Sellerdeck site can accept a single currency.