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Sellerdeck Launches SEO Services for its Ecommerce Retailers

This post is a legacy news item

Provided by Sellerdeck’s own experts, the three SEO services are as follows:

  • Initial health check

Following inspection of the website by the consultant, a phone consultation establishes a baseline for where the store ranks currently, what is having a positive effect on the site and what areas need attention. The consultant will also explain how SEO works and give advice on good and bad ways of optimising pages.

  • SEO report

The SEO report will explain in detail which web pages are having a negative effect on ranking and how to fix them. The report will also suggest keywords to improve your SEO and other ideas for improving performance on search engines and targeting specific customer types.

  • SEO monthly service

The monthly service includes a report that has a full SEO review and recommendations; gives fresh keyword suggestions; highlights what search phrases are most widely used, with a summary of your site’s rankings against these (and how competitors fare too), which also helps with your linking strategy. As well as telling you the latest SEO news and how it could affect your store, the service includes access to the SEO technical support team via a dedicated email address.

Phil Rothwell, marketing director for Sellerdeck explains, “Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t a dark art, it’s a skill you can learn and apply, which generates results you can measure.

“Sellerdeck SEO Services not only identify the keywords retailers need to optimise their sites for, they also provide a framework our retailers can use for building good SEO practice into their businesses. The services also include advice on enhancing your online reputation and, optionally, help with editing content and refining page designs.

“The trust that customers have in Sellerdeck has been hard-earned, so it’s been important for us to offer a SEO service that delivers measurable value. By giving customers tools they can use to measure performance, plus the skills and support they need to invest wisely, we make sure our relationships are never put at risk.”
Chris Lacey of London International Paintball Supplies is impressed with the SEO services: “I was absolutely nowhere. My site very rarely appeared on page one for any products. Yet, within six weeks I was appearing on the first page for a couple of my key phrases and after three months I was all over page one for the majority of product pages I had amended. I reckon Sellerdeck’s SEO advice has increased traffic by 30%, and I’m taking around 25% more orders than before – it’s miraculous.”

  • Initial SEO consultation – £50 (or £25 for Sellerdeck Cover customers)
  • Health check report – from £450
  • Monthly SEO service – from £200 per month.

All figures + VAT. Sellerdeck also offers tailored SEO services.

For more information, contact:
Sellerdeck’s PR: Jane Lee, Dexterity,, +44 (0)1273 470199

About Sellerdeck
Sellerdeck supplies E-Commerce software and EPOS systems to small and mid-sized companies that want to be in full control of their online business. The company’s desktop application gives merchants control over key components such as hosting, payments, fraud detection and customer feedback without having to rely on third-party, cloud-based solutions.

Established in 1996 as Sellerdeck Software and rebranded in 2012, Sellerdeck is the oldest established E-Commerce developer trading today and has enabled tens of thousands of UK SMEs to make an estimated £11bn in sales over its 17 years.
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