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Sellerdeck Cloud and the Future of Desktop

Sellerdeck made its name selling Windows-based E-Commerce systems and over the years has loudly trumpeted the benefits of having the ‘engine’ of your online business within your business: faster site performance; more ownership and control of your business and so on.

So why has it apparently changed its mind this year and launched Sellerdeck Cloud – its new cloud-based technology platform? Is Sellerdeck abandoning desktop-based software?

“Absolutely not,” responds Josh Barling, Sellerdeck Ecommerce Consultant.

“We are 100% committed to our desktop-based solution as it is a popular and proven platform. By launching Sellerdeck Cloud we are giving customers the choice of two very different platforms, both with their own unique strengths, while still providing access to Sellerdeck’s experience and support.

“Sellerdeck work with many businesses who are happy with Sellerdeck as a company, but who would benefit from the functionality and features of a cloud-based platform. We wanted to give these customers the option of moving to a more suitable platform while continuing the relationship with an E-Commerce company that they know and trust. “

Sellerdeck Cloud is based on the popular and powerful open-source platform, Magento, and Cloud users can benefit from a wide range of advanced functionality and features which are embedded into the platform but also available through hundreds of plug-ins.

Furthermore, being browser based, users are able to access and maintain the website from anywhere.

“But taking advantage of these benefits is a technical challenge,” continues Josh. “That’s why we are offering Sellerdeck Cloud as a managed platform which we host and support, along with providing additional services to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing commercial success.”

If you would like to find out more about Sellerdeck Cloud, visit or contact Sellerdeck Sales on 0845 189 1859.

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