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Details of JavaScript Compression in v14

One of the new features in version 14 is the compression or 'minification' of the JavaScript. This means all the JavaScript that is required for Sellerdeck to run is shrunk down to be as small as possible. This significantly helps performance in the web browser, and is one of the things that Google looks for when it is ranking sites for performance.

The way it works is that Sellerdeck uploads all the default scripts as part of a file called sellerdeck.min.js.

However, if you make a manual change to any of the js files in Sellerdeck, the software will upload those modified files rather than the minified file. Fortunately, there is a (somewhat technical) way to do re-minify the files yourself. It requires installing a smal piece of software called 'Uglify'.

To install Uglify:

1. Install node.js using the windows installer at (suggested version is v0.10.30). This should set up paths so that nodejs can be run from the command line. If that doesn't happen you may need to reboot.
2. Open a cmd prompt and enter

npm install uglify-js -g

and press return. If this doesn't run you may have to change to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs and run it directly from there.

There is a batch file to create a compressed sellerdeck.min.js in the site folder called create_sellerdeck_min_pause.bat. Whenever you make any changes to the default JavaScript files, run this batch file to recreate the sellerdeck.min.js file.

Please note that this is pretty advanced stuff direct from the developers, so our support team will not be able to assist you with this.

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