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Social media is shaping the future of SEO

In the early 1960’s, America decided that by the end of the decade, they would put a man on the moon. Once they had made that decision and decided on their target, they then set about the task of making it happen. From rocketing men 238,000 miles away and landing safely on the moon, to taking off again and returning home safely and the variables and tasks in between. With all the changes in the last few years, good SEO can seem like an equally daunting task.

In the 1960’s, NASA had a clear picture of their targets and goals before putting a plan in place to make these goals reality; you have to do the same. For Sellerdeck customers, goals are generally going to be gaining more traffic and converting more sales. More hits, however, do not necessarily mean more sales, importantly, you need to remember that the numbers on your Analytics screen aren’t just ‘Traffic’, they are ‘People’.

Engage with your users

The two goals mentioned above, for me, are not mutually exclusive. One key to increasing your conversion rates is by giving your customers are good sense of security, competitive delivery options and a good feel for products they can otherwise only see pictures of. You can achieve these things, whilst attracting more traffic by following these simple steps below.

Get Social

Being part of Social Networks is not only a fantastic way to listen to and communicate with your target audience, it’s a link building opportunity within itself. Make sure you have your most relevant keyword in the Title of your profile and it’s also good practice to include contact details like phone number and address. Follow (Twitter) or like (Facebook) relevant people and pages and regularly post relevant tweets and statuses. Once your twitter account is well followed or your Facebook has a lot of likes, links from those sources will become all so much more relevant in the eyes of social networks. Also, Google Plus can’t be ignored as this is Google’s own social network. Include ‘Tweet’, ‘Like’ and ‘+1’ buttons on your product pages to make sure your users know you are social and can subsequently share easily. Be careful not to spam your followers or go too far away from relevant topics.


A regular blog is a fantastic way to grow your site, engage with customers and attract new visits. Google likes fresh content, so a bi-weekly blog can tick this box. Your blogs need to be relevant to your target audience; so, industry news, anecdotes, product reviews and information are fantastic. For example, if you sell drain cleaning products, blog about ‘How to clean a drain’ and then link to the products required and vice versa. The more you blog, the more attention you will attract. Combine these blogs with the social buttons and you have SEO gold. An informative and interesting blog will be tweeted, retweeted, liked, shared and given a +1 and these are all highly relevant, fresh, inbound links. Your blog will also help customers get a better feel for your products, so make sure relevant blog posts are linked from your product pages.

What’s the Future for SEO?

In truth, no one can really know, but we need to try and aim one step ahead. Current SEO is all about the long game and making sure you stay ‘White Hat’ by being honest, relevant and helpful with your customers. Google’s updates are constantly evolving to make the Internet a more resourceful and engaging place for end users. Follow those guidelines, blog, be social, share and you won’t go far wrong. Just like NASA in the early 60’s, recognise your goals, prepare, plan and execute; before you know it you’ll be on route to the moon.

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