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Internet election? #fail

I have no idea how many people involved in the Obama campaign were hired to look after social media, but at the beginning of this election each party was trying to outdo the other with grand claims about hiring the brains behind the Obama Internet election strategy. Now, I don't really know what that means, especially as the brains behind Obama's campaign were the grassroots activists, but whatever the three main parties hoped for it hasn't happened.

Instead, of using the internet to empower, the parties have got it the wrong way around by taking bloggers and Twitterati out of digital realm and giving them a real life platform. I am no political strategist, but this is not a good idea.

Labour started it by giving the cringeworthy Ellie Gellard (aka Bevanite Ellie) a lectern and some tissues so she can cry when Gordon speaks; Dave continued to cosy up with Mumsnet whenever there was a TV camera and a packet of Hobnobs around; and Nick ? well I spent 30 seconds on his website before my eyes melted.

To summarise, the three parties took something that looked like a digital strategy and applied it to the old world. The very pre-requisite of an Internet election is ? you got it ? it uses the Internet. And all three parties failed, badly.

Got to dash, I have hired the guy that proofread the blog posts for the Obama campaign popping over in a moment. He'll like this one.

By Ben Dyer, Product Development Director, Sellerdeck. Originally published on The Marketing Donut

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