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Right Person, Right Job

Whatever our weaknesses, the mistake that that many of us make is either to deny that we have any, or to spend too much time trying to address them. In reality a lot of our capabilities are hard coded into our DNA. You can improve hugely with education, training and practice, but you can only do this when you already have some capability in the first place.

We become much more effective when we concentrate on what we're good at, while having a coping strategy for what we do badly. The problem is that what we do well may not pay that much. Richard Branson once said that he is lucky in that his talents are those that make you very rich.

Within the board of my company, I think that we've been quite good at discovering and utilising what we are good at. Sure, each has different roles and line responsibilities. But when it comes to strategic moves, we try to allocate jobs in a way that play to our strengths. This is what every business should do, at every level.

When a person is in the wrong job, there are a number of results. The business outcomes are poor and the person doesn't enjoy their business life. In contrast, when there's a round peg in a round hole the outcomes are good and the person is usually happy. It's important to remember this when we are complaining about the pedantry of the QA department, the somewhat knee jerk analysis of the sales guy and the lack of strategic thinking from the admin people. When you're complaining about these things, you're probably admitting that you've got it right.

Want to be successful in business and in your personal life? Do what you enjoy, and make sure that any staff that report to you do what they enjoy, too.

By Chris Barling, CEO, Sellerdeck. Originally published on

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