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Sellerdeck Insights Conference 2015: Too much business, not enough tech?

A couple of weeks ago, we held our annual company conference in Richmond. As a Sellerdeck employee, it’s a day I always thoroughly enjoy, as not only do I get the chance to chat with a variety of Sellerdeck customers and partners, I also get a couple of free glasses of wine.

Free wine and nibbles aside, I wanted to write a bit of a conference review from the aspect of a Sellerdeck employee. If you attended the conference, I welcome your comments and feedback!

This year, we decided to throw a slightly new element into the mix, in the form of a blogging challenge for yours truly.

We asked the attendees to make a suggestion for a blog piece and Express Bingo had their hand up first, suggesting a blog on Bingo Machines. To find out more about the blog, have a read of it here. I got a lot of great feedback, not least from Express Bingo themselves, and it ended up being a really successful experiment. Unfortunately for me, it meant not being in on an hour or so of the morning’s proceedings.

Coffee fuelled blogging

Coffee fuelled blogging session!

Missing out was a shame, because I really enjoy listening to Mark Ballett talk about business development. In previous years, conference attendees might have expected to hear more about software than strategy to kick the day off. This isn’t ‘previous years’, however; this is the here and now and it’s important to keep that in mind. After finishing my blog and sneaking back in to the conference I caught the tail end of another fantastic talk from Jayne Reddyhoff, from Zanzi Digital. As always, Jayne gave us a whole host of incredible Adwords advice and insights to aid business growth.

Eager attendees had to wait until slightly later in the day to find out more about Sellerdeck Desktop 2016, news of which also came alongside some big announcements in the evolution of Sellerdeck; most notably, our new Cloud Platform and our range of business development services.

Now, whilst talking to a few customers and partners, and from reading some of the feedback forms, a few people made the same types of comments: less business issues, more software.

Phil Rothwell, Sellerdeck Conference

Phil Rothwell, Managing Director, presenting

I agree that it’s great to hear about new software, especially when Sellerdeck Desktop 2016 is one of the most exciting new releases we’ve ever had. However, Phil Rothwell’s keynote focus this year, as well as some of the other presentations already mentioned, was very much on the fact that businesses need to roll with the punches and adapt in order to not just remain competitive, but to remain in business full stop. Sellerdeck has gone through, and is still going through, this very process; we want to help our customers with this too.

"Our customers keep coming back to us because we help them to make more money. Our aim is simple, to help people build unique online businesses; as competition increases online that means making sure that you tweak your strategy from time to time along with your E-Commerce software."

"If you are going to invest in your E-Commerce software, or online marketing, make sure you revisit your strategy first."

Mark Ballett, Sellerdeck Chairman.

In the past, we have been known primarily as a software company. However, making improvements to our signature software is a small part of what we need to offer our clients and customers. This conference provided the platform to introduce Sellerdeck 2.0, if you will. This was our chance to show the evolution of a modern company and to introduce the services that will help you spark your business back to life and grow bigger and better; thus Sellerdeck Ignite and Sellerdeck Evolve.

The conference is not just about Sellerdeck’s announcements of course. It’s a chance to put faces to names and to develop more personal relationships. Not just for you, but for us as well.

Sellerdeck Insights Conference 2015

Conference attendees

“As my first Sellerdeck Conference, it was refreshing to meet with clients face to face after talking with so many over the phone in the last months - there was certainly a lot of chatter and smiling faces around the buffet area and at the tea and coffee breaks. I think the conference was a great success and I hope our clients went home with new ideas and tips on their businesses buzzing around in their heads”

Linda Butcher, Sales Manager.

So was there too much strategy and not enough software? Well, having a look through the feedback forms, the overwhelming majority of customers came to conference looking to “identify ways to grow their business”. Whilst it’s true that the new release will help your business, for example with some improved stock control options and SEO benefits, a good business strategy is more than just a good E-Commerce platform. Using my own specialist area as an example, I often talk about modern SEO being like pillars: Social Media Marketing, on-site SEO, inbound links etc. Remove one of these pillars and the building collapses. A successful business comes from the back of a successful business strategy and I hope that is what our customers took away from this year’s conference.

“It was great to put faces to names and to get to know everyone as people rather than just customers. It also gave me a better opportunity to understand their business needs... it was fun!”

Amanda Jones, Support.

For me, whilst it is important to understand the technical side of things, and nice to see the technological advancements in the Sellerdeck software, talks that address the pressures of being in business are vital to remain relevant and grow. In the coming year, we hope to host another smaller conference further north and continue to help our customers evolve and grow.

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