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Setting Up Shop Online: Building on your website’s success

Your E-Commerce site is starting to get some real momentum and the orders are flooding in, so what next? The beauty about selling online is that new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves, the following are some to consider.

Selling abroad

With the internet being a global medium, selling overseas is feasible. Skills you have in SEO and PPC are transferable and allow you to get a presence quickly. The relatively low cost and risk make the opportunity attractive even taking into consideration the obvious language, taxes, shipping and currency differences. Most E-Commerce solutions enable the creation of multiples sites to cater for overseas visitors.

It's important not to assume that just because you have succeeded in the UK you will succeed abroad. Every market is different and has its special quirks. You may fail abroad for a combination of reasons varying from better, more entrenched or deeper pocketed competitors to a different culture, statutory environment or maybe stage of market development.

Facebook, Ebay and Amazon Marketplaces

Making your products available to eBay, Amazon and Facebook opens up your audience to millions of additional shoppers.

The additional costs are low as there is no investment in technology or marketing but you will pay to sell and the challenge often occur after an order has arrived. Centralising your orders and stock is essential to stay on top of the administration.


Mobile commerce has been much hyped but is now starting to offer a real opportunity. With the sheer number of mobile devices being used to search for and buy products and services it is an opportunity not to be missed.

You can check Goggle Analytics to precisely see how many of your existing store visitors are coming from mobile devices. Making your site mobile optimised is very different from just being able to see your site on a mobile device. Ecommerce solutions can create a specific version of your site which is automatically shown to mobile visitors to your shop. Searching needs to be easy and consideration for the limited screen area for displaying product images and description is required. Offer the most important information first, use concise language, scrolling up and down a page to find information will soon put your potential customers off.

These are just some areas to contemplate to take your existing E-Commerce venture to the next level.

Written by Simon Armstrong, Marketing Manager of E-Commerce supplier, Sellerdeck. Originally published on Enterprise Nation.

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