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Setting Up Shop Online: Seven tips for maximising your online sales

1. Give plenty of detail It's most likely that the decision to buy or not will be made while viewing product pages. Provide full product details, as not knowing precisely what you are buying or being unsure about its compatibility, colour, size, weight etc could prevent a sale. Critical details such as delivery time/cost need to be prominently displayed too. A picture tells a thousand words, the importance of a clear product shot can't be underestimated.

2. Show related items  When a shopper is looking at a particular item, there are always other items that naturally relate together and which a buyer is likely to want to purchase at the same time.

3. Display stock levels Be clear about your stock position. Having stock which is running low could encourage a quick purchase. Having high stock levels shows you can be counted on for large and repeat orders. Failing to show accurate stock can lead to upset customers particularly if you can't supply what they ordered.

4. Top sellers Nothing succeeds like success. You need to grab customers and start taking their orders at the earliest possible point. Your top sellers and best offers will always have the greatest appeal so make them clearly visible on your home page.

5. Offer more for more money Never discount something that a lot of people will buy anyway; it is just giving money away unnecessarily. Offer them a great deal if they buy something else at the same time. This will please the shopper, encourage them to come back, and it will increase the value of each sale that you make.

6. Use deals A person with a voucher or coupon feels that they have a special deal. It also ties them in to buying from you, because they cannot redeem your vouchers anywhere else. Use vouchers to reward your loyal customers without losing out on potential revenue from one-time buyers.

7. Encourage repeat visits Analysing customers' sales patterns and giving them a special offer if they haven't shopped for a while shows you've noticed and makes people feel valued.

If you have had success with other tactics, let us hear about them.

Written by Simon Armstrong, Marketing Manager of E-Commerce supplier, Sellerdeck. Originally published on Enterprise Nation.

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