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The Blues Have It: Tory v Labour approaches to online marketing

Starting with Google - as you do - I noticed that David Cameron already has his own domain name, On the other hand, is available, but not claimed by the eponymous PM; while is a political protest site and is an estate agency in Chester le Street. Strike one for Cameron.

Brown's page is within the Labour Party site, But it languishes near the bottom of page one in searches for ‘Gordon Brown’, and has to be propped up with a pay-per-click ad. Whereas Cameron’s site manages to rank first for his own name. Another blow for the opposition.

For the volume of searches, Google has provided a page showing the relative performance of the three party leaders, The incumbent currently polls more than both his main rivals put together. One back for the man in the red shirt.

Of their respective web pages, Cameron’s is the better looking, but mostly filled with a rather turgid biography, although it does at least have some video content. Brown on the other hand scores with a Twitter feed, albeit from Mrs Brown and not himself.

Both have links to Facebook, but Brown disappointingly links to a Labour Party page with 15,000 fans, compared with Cameron’s personal 21,000.

The killer blow for the man in blue is a Facebook app. that enables his supporters to share his latest messages with their Facebook friends. This should put the Tories well ahead of Labour in disseminating their message via the UK’s largest social networking site. Whether that will prove a killer blow in the election, time will tell.

Written by Bruce Townsend. Originally published at UTALK

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