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The need for Parliamentary reform

I must admit this is the first time I had ever paid this level of attention to the passing of a law, and while the process is highly confusing, it was the ineptitude of those taking part that was so flabbergasting. While the Digital Economy Bill was highly contentious, it's the manner it was passed that's brought me to a startling conclusion: Westminster is full of people debating things they don't understand. The truth of the matter is this, if we ran our businesses this way we wouldn't last very long.

While many of the ideas appearing in party manifestos are admirable and most have merit, it all pales into complete insignificance against Parliamentary reform, the single biggest issue facing the UK democracy today. My vote has swung, both professionally and personally; I won't tell you which way though - you'll have to follow me on Twitter for that.

By Ben Dyer, Product Development Director, Sellerdeck. Originally published on The Marketing Donut

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