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Three Strikes?

While I don't condone piracy, I have some major concerns with the French policy.

As the recent Conficker worm has so aptly demonstrated, there is a large majority of the world that has little control over their IT infrastructure. Reports from France are already coming in of people being disconnected after hackers remotely hijacked their personal bandwidth. Stealing bandwidth doesn't even have to be sophisticated. Most can be hijacked via unsecured wireless networks. France is proving it has the wrong law, targeted at the wrong people.

While many will be assuming this doesn't affect them, that may be dangerously complacent. Anyone with teenagers will know that free music is a huge temptation, it's also nothing new. Under these laws all it takes is a few downloads, regardless of value, and if you work from home your business could get some major disruption.

Thankfully the law is only in France. Over this side of the lake we are a little more pragmatic.

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