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Three top free tools for online marketing


SeoQuake is a browser plug-in that's available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It's invaluable for gathering intelligence about your main online competitors, and the factors contributing to their success. It consolidates data from a range of different sources that you would otherwise have to interrogate separately.

With the plug-in installed you can search for any key phrase on either Google or Bing, and see a variety of useful information about each page, just below its search listing. This includes page rank, backlinks, Alexa traffic rank, the size and age of the site, and several other options.

You can also save the results to a file. For some reason SeoQuake uses colon separators instead of commas, but a quick find and replace in Word fixes that, and makes the file importable into Excel or any other spreadsheet or database.

Click on any link and you can access data on keyword density and additional information about the page.

Search Google for ‘SeoQuake’, and find the link for the browser you want to use it with.

Free Monitor for Google

If you want to track your Google rankings for a range of keywords, but you don’t want to splash out on a pay-as-you-go service like WebPosition, then Free Monitor for Google from CleverStat is a great alternative.

You can track an unlimited number of key phrases for an unlimited number of domains. For each phrase the tool will show your current highest ranking, the previous highest, the change in position, and a list of all the top ranking pages. It doesn’t provide any graphing facilities, but you can paste the results into Excel and create your own reports from there


Mass Page Rank Checker

Sometimes you may want to evaluate the page rank of a list of pages, for example if you are evaluating prospects for link building, or you want to monitor the rank of your own site’s pages. Checking them one by one can be a pain, but fortunately there are several free online tools that enable you to check page rank in bulk.

The PageRank Checker at works well, and checks up to 500 pages at a time. It lacks a .csv export, but you can copy and paste the results into Excel or another application

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