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Jenny Bray, Product Specialist </br> at Sellerdeck
Jenny Bray, Product Specialist
at Sellerdeck

Sellerdeck Payments and WebMIS

Sellerdeck Payments comes with the ability to log into WebMIS, an online terminal. WebMIS includes Bank Submissions, which you may find very handy. Bank Submissions is a reporting tool that allows you to view when your money has been transferred to your merchant account. It also enables you to drill down to exactly what transactions the money has come from.

Bank Submissions shows you the date and time of the submission, along with the total amount. You can see whether they are Visa, or MasterCard, and if they consist of any refunds. You can find the transaction number. As well as being able to view each individual transaction, you can also export them into an offline report and save it in spreadsheet format.

Printing Different Reports to Different Printers

No doubt quite a few people want their invoices to be printed from one printer, and their packing lists to be printed from another printer elsewhere on the network. Sellerdeck can do this and you only need to set it up once.

Open up the software and go to File | Print Setup and choose a printer, this will set up the default printer for everything. You can then change this for each individual report from the Sellerdeck software.

For example, you might want your packing list to print from the Warehouse printer. Open up one of the orders, click on Packing List, click Standard Report, then click on Printer Set up – here you can choose an alternative printer from your network. Click OK, and print. Any future packing lists that you print from your machine will automatically go through to the printer you have just selected.

Please note, this is set up Per PC. If you uninstall and reinstall, import a snapshot on another machine, or upgrade your Sellerdeck software. Then you will need to set this up again.

Postcode Anywhere

Postcode Anywhere is a feature that’s often forgotten by quite a few. Using it, online buyers can enter address details simply by typing in the postcode and choosing their address from a list. The end result is reduced cart abandonment, missed deliveries and happier customers.

Postcode Anywhere is fully integrated into Sellerdeck and really easy to integrate and you can even try it out for free, For more information on how to implement postcode lookup click here

Mailing Lists

Do you want a way of getting your customers email addresses from the Sellerdeck software so that you can send out a mailshot such as a newsletter? This can be done, and in just a few clicks.

Open up the software and go to Marketing | Mailing lists.
You then set-up the parameters of which customer email addresses you want from the software. Once you are happy with the list, click on 'preview list' ( bottom left hand corner). This will show you a list of all the the customers you are about to export.

If you are happy with this list, you then click on the button displaying ‘…’ in the bottom right corner. Browse to where you want to save this list to. Give the list a name and click OK. Finally click the Export List button. This will then create a spreadsheet of all the email addresses you required (along with name, address, last order number and much more).


Wondering what relevance means and how it works?

Relevance is calculated for every word encountered in the text which is indexed within the shop. (This is controlled from Settings |Search and Filtering Settings | Options tab | Indexing Options group).

One way that the relevance it calculated is by the amount of times the word is used for that particular product;
When you search a word, for example ‘Necklace’ you get two products appear, the ‘Pearl Necklace’ and the ‘Amethyst Heart Necklace’.

The reason that the Pearl Necklace appears first in terms of relevance is because the term ‘necklace’ that has been searched for appears twice (once in the name of the product, secondly in the full description of the product), whereas with the Amethyst Heart Necklace, only appears the once (in the product name.)

A second way that the relevance is calculated is by where the word appears for the product. If you try searching for "men" in the sample store. The "Mens engraved bracelet" appears first followed by the "Gold Chain". The first product has "men" in the title so gets a higher relevance score than the second product, which has "men" in the description. The third product, "Wedding Rings", only has "men" as the title of an option so has a lower weighting again.

Demo Store Now Live!

Take a look at the Sellerdeck 2013 demo store to see the relevance in action, along with the other new features of Sellerdeck 2013.

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