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What are your views on Apple’s decision to lock down development for iPhone OS, and ban third-

I'd love someone at Apple to try and justify to me why it feels the need to lock down the compilation process for iPhone OS. The lame argument about owning the environment doesn't wash. It's all about protectionism. It's bad for consumers and it's bad for developers.

Apple has got to be careful. It's flying high, with a total company value of $241billion. However, it's built on a consumer model and away from the traditional base of developers and innovators. Sure, where the money is, the talent will follow, but there is some stiff competition and a lot of very disgruntled developers.

Way back, IBM and Microsoft made this same mistake. Too bad that Apple is going the same way.

Ben Dyer, is director of product development at Sellerdeck. Originally published on .net magazine

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