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What To Do When You Are Bored With Your Job

Some of us need to set ourselves targets. This depends on personality, but if setting targets means you hit them and get a sense of satisfaction, it's the way to go. I don't like letting people down. One technique I use is to commit to a deadline to someone else, then meet it. It motivates me and gives me satisfaction.

If I feel I might be getting bored, sometimes I do the easy things that I never normally get around to, like my expenses. By keeping going and varying my work, I get a sense of achievement. You can also always start your day by doing the hardest outstanding task. That way it doesn't hang over you and you tackle it while your energy levels are highest.


Some people need to do more of the things that they find easy and satisfying, the very things that may be a royal pain to others. As well as doing your day job, volunteer and excel in a worthwhile area that you enjoy. It should get you noticed and provided your existing job is done reasonably, may lead to more responsibilities in that area. You can also ask your boss for "a new challenge".

Go back to school

thers just aren't being stretched and feel that they have more potential. One way to flag this up is to take an academic qualification that shows your ambition. One friend didn't take a degree when his wife did. He was reminiscing with me the other day that while he's highly regarded and has survived numerous rounds of redundancy, he's still at the same level as years ago. If, like other friends, he had taken an MBA or other qualification, the least it would have done is flagged up his ambition.

Do what you do best

The Peter Principle states that we get promoted until we reach our level of incompetence. One of my old school friends was promoted into management in an accounting function. He hated the job, and found that while he had been a great accountant, he couldn't do the confrontation with staff that is sometimes necessary in a management job. So he asked to be demoted. I admire him because this is so very counter-cultural in our thrusting world. The result was he was happy again. Now he's working in China with deprived children but his employer has said there is always a job open if he wants to return.

Time for a change?

Finally, if nothing else works it may be time for a change of job. However, that comes with risks and should always be a last resort. People who make this their first port of call are ruining their CV and often failing to face up to their own issues. They probably don't understand themselves.

Boredom will mean that you're unproductive. You're not enjoying the job, then your employer isn't getting the best out of you. If this is happening, don't let the grass grow under your feet. Try some changes.

By Chris Barling, is CEO of E-Commerce specialist, Sellerdeck. Originally published on BusinessZone

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