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How Are Your Customers Behaving

Hop into my Tardis, I want to take you back to those heady, glorious, recession-free days of 2007.

Two of the largest deals that year were based around advertising. Google acquired online ad company Double Click for a $3bn. In the meantime, and keen not to be left out, Microsoft stumped up $250 million for a less than 2% share in FaceBook. Sure, these figures seem a little crazy today, but the truth is that online marketing really works.


Three Strikes?


Back in May you may recall the French government said "Oui" to a new and strict set of anti-piracy laws. These laws, which in my view are unworkable, allow a sort of "three strikes and you're out" approach to piracy offenders. It's simple; first a government agency dispatches a strongly worded email, then a letter. If the piracy persists, the pirate is disconnected from the internet for a year.


Don’t Invent, Implement!

If The Times newspaper is to be believed it would appear the sun is beginning to set on the Dubai property bubble. Dubai World, the developers of the frankly breathtaking but rather arrogant Palm Jumeirah, a luxury development in the shape of a Palm, are reportedly in massive financial trouble. The Times reports they are in discussions with the Dubai government and hoping to suspend their debt repayments.


Do You Really Know What You Want?

Recently I have become completely obsessed with usability. For my day job I am a product guy, my company produces E-Commerce software, so the decisions I make have some fairly huge implications for our user-base, both new and old. So with all that in mind you might think my new found obsession is a good thing? Well it is, largely, but I have discovered a downside.


Has your business got the X Factor?

In business, as in the popular TV show X Factor, more people fail than succeed. If this can be attributed to luck, some people seem to have more luck than others. So it's reasonable to ask if there is such a thing as the


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