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Five tips for a successful product launch

I have recently been spending a lot of time thinking about product launches. My employer, Sellerdeck , is a few weeks away from rolling out a major update to one of its E-Commerce software products. While we have the advantage of an existing user base, many of the fundamentals for launching are the same whether it is an existing product or something completely new.


Get real with Augmented Reality

One of my all time favourite films of the last ten years is the futuristic action movie Minority Report. I remember watching in fascination as our hero John Anderton passed through a shopping centre of the future. The whole sequence was brilliant. Billboards and advertising changed as people walked past, tannoy systems in shops welcomed you back and asked how your last purchase was working out. It was both a scary and tantalising view of the future.


Stop the credit rot

The election messages continue to dance around reality. I did arithmetic at primary school, but did the politicians?

Here's my maths. The government spends £400 for every £300 it receives, spending half our national income. If the country earned £800 per annum, the government spends £400, of which £100 is borrowed. Total government debt would be £500, rising by £100 per annum. This is less than six years away from going down the pan like Greece.


Brand Ambassadors could give you Wings

Recently I spent a very enlightening evening in the pub chatting to a friend's son. Fresh from his first term at University, studying for a business degree, I thought I would pick his brains for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Sadly it turns out I wasn't the first (and I quote) "Capitalist" was his response to my approach for ideas. Using an impressive enterprising spirit he has become, a Student Brand Manager, for several high profile companies operating on his campus.

A Student Brand Manager is basically the campuses "go to" guy or girl; they are being paid both in cash and freebies to promote a particular company's brand or product. Companies as diverse as Microsoft, Red Bull and Wilkinson Sword employ hundreds of students across the UK. I can see the attraction.


The need for Parliamentary reform

My view of the UK democratic process has changed almost overnight. Having sat through the excruciating second and third readings of the Digital Economy Bill, along with half of the Internet, it would seem my faith has been rocked.


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