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What’s right and what’s wrong with The Cloud

The IT industry is notorious for the use of obscure acronyms, and with the talk about "The Cloud" it's not much different.

In fact, The Cloud is simpler than it might seem, as the term is really just another name for the internet, and Cloud Services are services or applications that are delivered over the web. When we've shopped on Amazon, searched on Google, communed on Facebook or logged into our Hotmail account, we've used a cloud service.

So why the big fuss? The answer is that a number of trends have come together.


How to Land on the Moon

President Kennedy is famous for setting the target of getting America to the Moon by the end of the decade.


Avoiding landing on the Sun - changing strategy at the earliest point

Most of us would have no problem ridiculing a government that said they were planning to put a man on the sun.

But the question we need to ask ourselves is whether we continue with equally ridiculous business strategies, and only try to change them after we've been frazzled?


Setting up shop online: Do it yourself, or not?

In the second of a series of articles on setting up an online shop, Nick Kington, MD of E-Commerce specialist, Sellerdeck considers whether you should set up your E-Commerce site yourself, or use a professional such as a web designer.


Setting up shop online: four things to do before you start

Selling online has been the fastest growing sales channel for many businesses in recent years, but what's the best way to get up and running? And how do you maximise your online sales? In the first of a series of posts, Nick Kington, MD of E-Commerce specialist, Sellerdeck, offers his thoughts on getting started with E-Commerce.


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