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Comment and Analysis

The Downside of Aggressive Marketing

Many years ago I worked for Mercury Communications which at the time was the sole alternative to BT for phone services. We naturally hated BT (how little some things change!) and were irritated by their “Come back to BT” campaign. We had won a contract to supply a phone connection to every traffic light in the country, which was used to monitor them. After BT green-lighted their direct mail campaign, they sent a letter to each of the thousands of lights, urging them to return to BT. Too bad the traffic lights couldn’t read. I still find this a funny story, but it has some up-to-date lessons. Sure, be aggressive with your sales and marketing. But make sure you get it right, and don’t push things too far. It may backfire.


Loyalty schemes - the elephant in the room?

Now and again at Sellerdeck we get asked whether our E-Commerce software includes functionality to support a loyalty scheme. The answer is no, and there are very good reasons why we have not developed it. I thought the rationale would be worth sharing more widely. If you're considering developing a loyalty for your own site, it might just persuade you otherwise.


Driving your business from the sales forecast

Years ago I found myself on a board tasked with privatising part of the old Greater London Council (GLC). We submitted a bid to buy our business but it was unsuccessful and the business was sold to some other guys. Just before I received my marching orders I did get a chance to see how the new predators operated. There are some lessons that I've never forgotten.


What’s right and what’s wrong with The Cloud

The IT industry is notorious for the use of obscure acronyms, and with the talk about "The Cloud" it's not much different.

In fact, The Cloud is simpler than it might seem, as the term is really just another name for the internet, and Cloud Services are services or applications that are delivered over the web. When we've shopped on Amazon, searched on Google, communed on Facebook or logged into our Hotmail account, we've used a cloud service.

So why the big fuss? The answer is that a number of trends have come together.


How to Land on the Moon

President Kennedy is famous for setting the target of getting America to the Moon by the end of the decade.


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