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Comment and Analysis

The open source delusion - Wake up!

Over the years, I've read numerous articles on open source, and many of them repeat the same myths. These are that all open source projects are driven by altruism, and that thousands of programmers work together on projects, each one fixing bugs as they find them.

The reality for virtually every open source project is that a small clique jealously guards its application. Letting anyone and everyone in to change the code would result in a quality disaster, as anyone with knowledge of software engineering knows. Many open source projects are pushed by one or two individuals, and cease all development when the main guy gets a girlfriend. If you're a lucky user, they never will. But relying on luck isn't a great business philosophy.


You Too Can Be a Dragon - Help Kickstart a Business Today

I think I can successfully predict that most people reading this article probably watch the BBC's Dragons' Den. BusinessZone often features interviews and advice from those that have graced the tatty leather chairs to impart both wisdom and cash to would be entrepreneurs. It's been a huge success, both as a programme and business incubator.

Time for a confession, personally I find the whole show an exercise in patience, not for the idiots that over value their businesses and under deliver on their products, but the fact there isn't a another chair and the resources for me! But realistically not going to happen any time soon.


Taking an Augmented Reality check

While on holiday in Dorset recently, my family and I visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum and went round its


Nokia and Microsoft - What does it mean for marketing?

The big tech story of the month so far has been the new alliance between Nokia and Microsoft, which will see the world's biggest mobile phone supplier drop its own proprietary operating system, Symbian, and adopt Windows as its operating system of choice.

The full implications of this new alliance remain to be seen, and no-one can yet tell how successful it will be. But what might be the future implications for marketing?


Binghoo and the future for Google as the competition heats up

It's now a year since Yahoo! and Microsoft agreed a deal that will see Yahoo! drop its own search technology and deliver results from Microsoft's Bing instead. As soon as September we could see Bing results taking over in Yahoo!'s portal, but what will the change mean for the search market?


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