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Eight trends to watch in 2011

'Eco-superior' products, goods tailored to emerging markets, cost pressures and more trends that could affect your firm over the next year.

In this HSBC Connections newsletter, Ben Dyer director of product development at Sellerdeck, gives his view on new technology which will make a difference in 2011.

Is 2009 The Year The Conference Died?

Here's a question. Are you planning to attend any conferences this year, maybe one, two or none?

Times are hard, and if you hadn't noticed, budgets are being cut. So if the answer to the above question is 'none' then don't worry, you're not alone. Lots of companies will be looking at their 2009 budgets, and making tough decisions on cuts. In this context, conference attendance is an easy target.

But here's the concern. The annual back slapping, free beer drinking conference season, especially in the tech world, is seen as The Holy Grail. It's an invaluable chance to network with like-minded peers and bask in the glow of those who have got to the top of the tree. Ok, I am downplaying it a bit, but in the harsh glare of a recession the conference may have to be the sacrificial cow.


The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog!

Let's face facts, love it or hate it 2009 has been the year micro blogging hit the main stream. The art of cramming your content into 140 characters is now a national pastime rivalled only by condemning MPs and binge drinking. However, while we are all tapping out our (often) irrelevant updates, we have forgotten about the granddaddy of the social web, the blog.


The Future of Ecommerce

There are a huge number of companies peddling different solutions to boost E-Commerce sales, and of course they all state that they are the future. Some claim that they will address the "trust" issue of online commerce; others are working on smart imagery, providing the consumer detailed product information via zoom, crops and 360 degree transitions. Then there are the latest developments enabled by smart phones, including augmented reality.


Let’s Flock together

Keeping track of social networking activity is a growing challenge for today's online marketer. There are some great tools for managing particular sites - like Tweetdeck for managing your Twitter accounts. But for day-to-day use across the most important sites, I've found nothing better than Flock.


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