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Getting the Formula for Success

I am a massive fan of motorsport, especially F1 which is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of motor racing. For me it's the combination of individual skill, team dynamics and technology that make these supercharged go-karts so exciting.

However, if F1 is the ultimate team sport, then without the total package even the most talented driver will struggle to perform. When you're travelling at speeds of up to 200mph and pulling 2Gs at La Rascasse at Monte Carlo, it's all about the detail, its all about quality.


Thoughts on ARM chips and mobile marketing

In the growing move towards more mobile computing, there is one of big winner, unsung hero and future game changer, the Cambridge-based computer chip specialist, ARM.

ARM started life as a spin-off from Acorn Computers, producer of the legendary but long defunct BBC Micro. Today, chip designs licensed from ARM power virtually all the world's smartphones and mobile devices.

Its influence is such that Microsoft decided to port its Windows operating system, long restricted to Intel's architecture, to the ARM platform. In May of this year, CNET even reported that Apple may drop Intel processors from its MacBook line in favour of ARM chips.


The fashion for keyword-rich domains - it will all end in tears

One or two clients have reported to me recently that some of their competitors are achieving good rankings on Google using sites with keyword-rich domains, like "". URLs like this have been favoured for some time by Bing, and by its predecessor MSN. But more recently they also seem to be delivering good results on Google for some keywords, though by no means for all.


Ask and Ye Shall Receive: What’s So Good About Quora?

My daughter is five. I suspect like many five year olds she loves to ask questions. These can range from the deepest of theological discussions to questioning the point of brussel sprouts, just before trying to force-feed one to the cat. I guess the point is that your average child's mind is hugely inquisitive, it's how we learn.


Going Places? You’ll need a map…

The introduction of Facebook Places to the UK adds a new dimension to mobile marketing, with users of the world's largest social network being able to post recommendations - and criticisms - of suppliers and destinations. Bruce Townsend, of E-Commerce software specialist, Sellerdeck, compares who's who of mapping in the online world.


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