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Top five mobile apps for business

I am forever being asked what my favourite mobile apps are, and if you are reading this blog there's a good chance you're one of the 11 million people in the UK with a smart phone.

I recently moved to an Android device from the iPhone but regardless of which smart phone you have, there are a number of apps that are useful for business. Here are my top five:


What 2011 will mean for technology and marketing

2011: it's just another year, but what trends in technology and marketing will businesses need to keep an eye on in the year ahead?


Men May Be Useless, But the Offering Is Unique

My day job is to look after the product portfolio for Sellerdeck Ecommerce. As well as the day-to-day running of the development team and product strategy I speak to hundreds of small businesses about E-Commerce and retail. Increasingly one of the questions I often get asked is how individual merchants can stand out from the competition.


Search v. encounter - the Google v. Facebook dilemma

It's official! Facebook gets more time spent on it than internet behemoth Google. So does this mean that the Google machine is broken? And what does it mean for advertisers? Do we need to switch all spend from search to social networks?


Google’s Panda Update: What Does It Mean For The Future?

Google rolled out its Panda update for all English language searches in April this year (2011). Some sites were badly hit as a result, losing many top rankings. In some cases, lost rankings were recovered as things settled down after the update. By now, though, the ripples from Panda should have stilled, and you can expect the status quo to be maintained for a while.

So how should sites respond that were impacted by Panda? And what does it tell us about future optimisation for Google?


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