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Volcanic Ash Stops Play

Eyjafjallajokull is not a word I ever expected to open a Business Zone blog with. In fact I can't even pronounce it. Neither (it amuses me to report) can any of the news reporters on our television or radio. Unless you have been living, well anywhere without commercial airspace, you would have heard all about Eyjafjallajokull, the Icelandic volcano that is doing its best to return us to the Middle Ages. However upsetting it has been for anyone stranded abroad, it's the impact the volcano has had on business that is really concerning me.


Internet election? #fail

In the middle of the most important day in UK politics for five years, I have a simple question: what happened to the "Internet election" we were promised?.


Are the Politicians dumb or is the electorate deaf?

The election messages continue to dance around reality. I did arithmetic at primary school, but did the politicians?

Here's my maths. The government spends £400 for every £300 it receives, spending half our national income. If the country earned £800 per annum, the government spends £400, of which £100 is borrowed. Total government debt would be £500, rising by £100 per annum. This is less than six years away from going down the pan like Greece.


Business groups welcome Chancellor’s tax relief for small firms

Business groups have welcomed tax relief schemes announced in the Budget to help small firms, saying that the Chancellor has finally recognised the need to put small business at the heart of economic policy.

However, they expressed continuing concerns about the UK's Budget deficit and its impact on business activity.

Read the full article including comments from Chris Barling Sellerdeck's CEO on the site.

Start-up lessons from the World Cup Bid failure

So England has lost the bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As soon as the result was announced, someone on my company (Sellerdeck) forum posted that they were really pleased. As a result of the failed bid, a new stadium and 2,500 houses wouldn't be built a couple of miles from their front door.

It did get me to thinking about some of the lessons start-ups can learn from this whole tale of woe. Often what is a disaster for one person is a blessing for another, and things aren't always what they seem.


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