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Enhancing Customer Service

Design Tips to Increase Conversions

Chris Dicken is a man with many years experience in developing websites and helping them to sell more. In this blog, he shows us the importance of design and layout for an e-commerce store to optimise sales.


How much should a business spend on IT?

Sellerdeck's own Products and Services Director, Chris Bray, has had a career spent in IT and knows the challenges that small businesses can face. Here, he gives his guide to budgeting your IT requirements.


Festive Flexibility: The Click and Collect Boom

Despite having only just seen one Christmas trading period come to a close, retailers and their carrier partners are already well-advanced in preparations for the next.

Among the principal lessons from the 2014 peak season, two stand out. Once again, e-commerce has had another massive impact with domestic online sales up just over 15 per cent on the year before.

Retailers also know that they need to embrace the concept of 'click and collect' if they want to keep their customers happy.


Defusing Delivery

Sellerdeck's new Integrated Shipping service offers a brilliant way to help keep customers happy while they wait for their products. In this month's blog article, Chris Dicken looks at some other simple things you can do to defuse the issue of delivery.


Are your customers really happy?

I've written in the past about many aspects of a successful start-up, including playing to your strengths, being realistic with your plans, utilising your skills and properly working out your business proposition.

But when all is said and done, there is one critical question you need to ask: are your customers happy? In the rush to get sales started, you can celebrate your first sale and then quickly move on, but that's not the right thing to do. Instead, with your first (and probably next few) customers, make sure they're really, really happy and that you totally understand them.


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