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The Moonpig Mother’s Day Fiasco

Lessons Learned from an Ecommerce PR Disaster

How can a small business compete with the internet retail giants out there? Large E-Commerce companies have money to spend on advertising, and they can afford to take a hit on margins in order to aggressively compete on price. However, as Moonpig demonstrated on Mother's Day 2016, internet giants are also incredibly vulnerable when things go wrong, which can potentially work to a small business's advantage.


2016 Benchmarks for Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce benchmarks are invaluable as they can show you how the performance of your store compares to the average.– the online analytics dashboard for E-Commerce stores – recently published some benchmark data based on the visits to the 1000s of online stores that use their service, and we've summarised the key findings for you.


The Biggest Ecommerce Trends in 2016, the leading online resource for research and analysis to do with online marketing, recently sat down with a panel of industry experts and asked them to predict what they think will be the most significant things heading our way this year.

We have brought you the most significant insights that will have an effect on your online business.


Learning From The Best

In the November 2015 edition of Which? Magazine (the UK’s leading consumer affairs magazine) the magazine published the results of a huge survey of online shopping experiences. The magazine interviewed over 10,000 people and asked them what E-Commerce sites they had shopped at, and what was good and bad about their experiences. The article makes for fascinating and essential reading for anyone involved in E-Commerce.


The common sense approach to keyword optimisation

When setting up new product pages, it may seem sensible to try and do it as quickly as possible, especially if you've got a lot of new pages to add. In the long run, this may not be too sensible. Tim Pritchard looks at using keywords on new pages.


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