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Which platform for the Ecommerce Express?

Benjamin Dyer, CEO of Sellerdeck Software, an E-Commerce specialist, looks at the pros and cons of marketplaces versus your own E-Commerce store

An important decision in the early days of your web channel is what platform to sell from. There are several choices: packaged software solutions versus bespoke, or desktop versus online.

Here I will focus on the online marketplace versus your own domain.


Why what you don’t need is more important

Years ago I had a friend who lived with his parents, held down a good job and saved prodigiously. The result was that he had tens of thousands of pounds to invest as he saw fit.

One day he announced to me that he was starting his own business and had been looking at some warehouses. He didn't know what would go in the warehouses or who would buy the goods. But they were fine warehouses available at a good rate.

This is an extreme example of the wrong way of going about starting a business. When you begin in business, you mustn't do anything that isn't vital at that point in time.


Play to your strengths

This is my third blog in a handful of months that is essentially about people issues in a start-up, but I make no apology for that. I will, however, admit that a few years ago, before I had actually started a business, I was a sceptic on this subject. But that was then, this is now.


Avoiding landing on the Sun - changing strategy at the earliest point

Most of us would have no problem ridiculing a government that said they were planning to put a man on the sun.

But the question we need to ask ourselves is whether we continue with equally ridiculous business strategies, and only try to change them after we've been frazzled?


Setting up shop online: Do it yourself, or not?

In the second of a series of articles on setting up an online shop, Nick Kington, MD of E-Commerce specialist, Sellerdeck considers whether you should set up your E-Commerce site yourself, or use a professional such as a web designer.


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