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Setting up shop online: four things to do before you start

Selling online has been the fastest growing sales channel for many businesses in recent years, but what's the best way to get up and running? And how do you maximise your online sales? In the first of a series of posts, Nick Kington, MD of E-Commerce specialist, Sellerdeck, offers his thoughts on getting started with E-Commerce.


Double Your Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

I always remember a cartoon showing two groups battling one another with spears. Behind one of the leaders, a sales person is trying to sell them a machine gun. The guy is clearly irritated and barks out "Get lost, can't you see I'm fighting a war?"


Four Issues with M-commerce & How to Beat Them

In a recent survey commissioned by the IMRG, 41% of UK retail brands either have, or are planning a transactional mobile site or application within the next 12 months. This suggests that m-commerce has now become mainstream and is no longer the preserve of a few pace setters.

As consumers we are at a tipping point. Just looking at my circle of friends (and I appreciate they may not be typical), most of them expect to be able to use a mobile phone as a channel to both engage with, and purchase from retailers. However, with 59% of UK brands yet to do anything about m-commerce there is both room for disruption and innovation within the SME sector. In this article I look at the top four issues with m-commerce and ways to overcome them.


Setting up shop online: Choosing a shopping cart

In the third of his series on setting up an E-Commerce website, Nick Kington. MD of E-Commerce specialist Sellerdeck, looks at how to choose the best shopping cart software for your business.

The heart of any web store is the software that it runs on, so it's worth taking time to make the decision on which solution is best for your business. This article covers the main areas to consider in making your decision.


The importance of family and friends when starting a business

I would like to look at an aspect of starting a business that isn't often considered. Mostly discussions are about finance, marketing, recruiting a great team, VAT, legals and all of the other stuff of start ups. But most people need the support of family, friends, and partners. Start ups are hard, and you must be sure that everyone is with you, everyone is supporting you, and everyone understands what you are doing.


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