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12 ways to be a good boss

Chris Barling gives 12 tips for being a good boss and maintaining a motivated workforce. Three key points are:

  • Be authentic, honest and lead by example
  • Listen and communicate with staff
  • Empower people and get them involved

Pretty much every business depends on its people, so managing staff is one of the key factors in achieving business success. Chris Barling has over three decades of experience in managing people and here he looks at some of the ingredients that can create a successful and highly motivated work force.


Are You a Good Boss? 11 Tips for Successful Management

Chris Barling is CEO of E-Commerce and EPOS systems supplier, Sellerdeck and has over 30 years' experience in managing people. Here he looks at some elements that differentiate the good boss from the bad.


Ecommerce Best Practice for SMEs

If you're looking to sell products via your website it's worth noting that some estimates reckon that E-Commerce sites have just three seconds to win potential customers' trust before they leave to another site.


An entrepreneur’s guide to E-Commerce

Benjamin Dyer, director of product development for E-Commerce vendor, Sellerdeck, gives his eight and a half tips on how to build an E-Commerce site to minimise maintenance and maximise sales.

These broadly cover:

  • Picking the best technology and infrastructure
  • Design pointers for ease of use
  • Automation of tasks and functionality for maintenance

Ecommerce site design for many can be seen as a bit of a black art. Whether you are a seasoned web designer, or maybe a merchant wanting to do-it-yourself, it can be a confusing. So here are my top eight and a half tips for designing an E-Commerce site to minimise maintenance and maximise sales.


How we set up our niche businesses

Not everyone can be Amazon. In truth, in business not everyone wants to be. But whether you want to be the next Richard Branson, or just make a quiet living and be your own boss, you need to start somewhere. In a successful company, every area of the business will be firing on all cylinders. To make that happen, you need to focus. You need to do the key things well, and avoid spreading yourself too thin. In short, you need to find a niche.

This article defines four steps to help you choose your niche, market to it, and grow successfully from there.


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