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General Ecommerce Advice

Double Your Chances ... With a Partner

Before you've done it, it's pretty intimidating to think of starting a new business. At least it was for me, as there's so much to learn.

Sure, you need to know what you're going to sell, then develop it or source it, and you've got to find customers along with the finance to get going. That's bad enough, but then there's company and tax law, various rules and regulations, not to mention employment law if you're going to have even one staff member. In summary, it's hard to start a new business and that's why I think everyone should think long and hard about the possibility of setting up with a partner.


Ecommerce: Web Design Questions

Questions to ask a web designer when commissioning your first E-Commerce site

Ask yourself a question; what was the last thing you bought and where did you buy it from? If you are anything like the typical consumer (me included) there is a very good chance it was bought online with one in three of us now doing the majority of our buying via a web browser.

The E-Commerce industry is still growing at an incredible rate. Online sales are eclipsing traditional retail with overall sales growing by nearly 5% like for like with this time last year. Don't forget this is despite a struggling economy and retail woe from almost every corner.

So, if you are thinking about starting out with an E-Commerce store, where do you start?


What To Do When You Are Bored With Your Job

Have you ever sat at your desk and felt bored? I don't like to admit it, but occasionally it's happened to me. So what to do?


Getting Your Killer Timing Right

My former business partner used to tell a story about recruitment. When faced with a huge pile of CVs, he would separate them into two, then throw half into the bin. His explanation? "I don't want to recruit anyone who isn't lucky".


Do You Really Know What You Want?

Recently I have become completely obsessed with usability. For my day job I am a product guy, my company produces E-Commerce software, so the decisions I make have some fairly huge implications for our user-base, both new and old. So with all that in mind you might think my new found obsession is a good thing? Well it is, largely, but I have discovered a downside.


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