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General Ecommerce Advice

Has your business got the X Factor?

In business, as in the popular TV show X Factor, more people fail than succeed. If this can be attributed to luck, some people seem to have more luck than others. So it's reasonable to ask if there is such a thing as the


Getting the boring essentials right from the start

There's a dilemma when you are starting a company. There are lots of boring essentials like company formation, VAT, Data Protection Act, employment law and, depending on which industry you are in, a host of other legislation. Yet complying with these doesn't help you to sell anything, build a customer base or most importantly turn a profit.


Multi-channel Retail - Avoiding traps for the unwary

Multi-channel retailing is one of the current areas of excitement in retail. In my company, we identified this as a potential high growth area some years ago, but its value is only just becoming apparent. The following tips scratch the surface in listing some of the points to be considered when implementing a multi-channel strategy.


Rules of thumb for starting a business

I am sure we have all heard the expression "rule of thumb". I am also sure we can all relate to decision-making based on these rules. In a past role as an IT director, the rule "never be biggest and never be first" proved true on numerous occasions, some of which were when I didn't follow it.


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