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Growing Traffic and Sales

Be a Google star: getting reviews online

There's a new way for small firms to stand out on Google searches - star ratings. You can now ask Google to search for customer reviews of your products and services and feature them in your search results, along with a star rating out of five. So how can you ensure you stand out for the right reasons? To read the full article visit The Marketing Donut.

The Price is Right - 10 Tips for Pricing & Promotion Online

It's much easier to carry out marketing activities in an online store than in a physical store - there are no labels to put out and everything can be automated. The well established E-Commerce packages provide a bewildering array of marketing features, but it's important to get the business framework sorted out first.

In fact, getting your average order value up is a crucial component of moving your business from good to great. At the same time, you can grow customer loyalty, as long as you give them a good experience.


How Good Is Your Sales Qualification?

I am always hearing people describing themselves as good sales people. Selling is a bit like driving, we all seem to think that we are the best. When was the last time you met a shy but successful salesperson?

In this blog I want to look at one particular aspect of being a good salesperson. The popular perception - someone who talks the hind legs off a donkey, persuading a gullible fool to part with their money for some nameless trash - is almost entirely wrong.


5 Killer Tips to Maximize Online Order Values

Most of us in business spend a lot of time and effort getting customers through the door. This applies whether we are trading in physical premises or on the web. However, it's much less common to put the same effort into maximising sales once the customer has started buying. Here are my five tips to help put that right for an E-Commerce website.


Get personal with marketing

I read with great interest this week the news that Twitter is getting into the E-Commerce space. In an idea copied from the very popular US-based service Woot, Twitter will be advertising time-sensitive deals via a dedicated account (@earlybird). In a reversal of traditional marketing norms, you will only receive the daily deals by following the account.


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