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Growing Traffic and Sales

Know your numbers to measure success

I am sure we have all driven in fog. Near me, there is a notorious black spot. It's often foggy, and when it is, it's like pea soup. As I carefully pick my way along, I'm usually passed by a few nutters doing more than 70mph. There've got no chance if they come across anything solid. It's a way of playing probabilities that doesn't appeal to me.


The Art Of Getting Repeat Orders Online

We all know that retaining customers is more cost effective than attracting new ones, and with E-Commerce this is equally true. Here are a few tips for building customer loyalty online and getting repeat orders.


Don’t Buy Now

Customers seem to be getting less keen on buying. Not only are in-store sales falling, reports are now trickling in that a higher proportion of online buyers are abandoning their carts. So what can be done?


Attention grabbing: How to get your product noticed

If, like me, you are a product person, then I think it's safe to assume you spend a healthy amount of time thinking about how your product can make an impact on its market.

At Sellerdeck, we are pretty lucky as we have a sizable user base, but it wasn't always the way. Plus, I have never met a product company that doesn't want more users.

So here are my top ten tips for making a big splash:


Price And Prejudice

My son currently works in my company, Sellerdeck, sitting beside me in the home office. His job is account managing customers who use our E-Commerce web hosting. It's very instructive listening in. We're not the cheapest offering, although we believe that we offer good value.


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