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Growing Traffic and Sales

Listen and Learn - Increasing Sales Through Customer Feedback

Anyone associated with the web will know the term "Web 2.0". It was coined by Tim O'Reilly to define the interactive web where communication and content is a two way process. This concept has really gone mainstream and one aspect is the growing adoption of customer feedback systems on E-Commerce web sites.


Winning Customers Without Blowing the Budget

For anyone selling online, and this is especially true for smaller merchants, there is a simple truth: without visitors your site is worthless. This may sound a little harsh but it's a fundamental truth, visitors' generally equal sales.

However, attracting visitors in these frugal times is an art form. Long gone are the days of throwing wads of cash at Pay Per Click advertising schemes; the smart online marketer looks for ways to grow site visitors organically.

Here are my top tips for growing site visits without blowing your budget.


Attracting Customers on a Small SEO Budget

Online sales have continued to grow throughout the recession and the upturn. Everyone wants to benefit, but in these times of uncertainty, no-one has money to burn? With that in mind, Sellerdeck's online marketing specialist, Bruce Townsend, shows how you can promote your business online without risking a big financial investment.


Getting More from a Multi-channel Business

Over the last few years, both the traditional retail sector and the catalogue sector have adopted the web in a big way. The result has been a blurring of barriers between sectors and the rise of the "multi-channel" retailer. Alongside this, consumer behaviour has drastically changed. Recent research has shown that, for large retailers at least, more products are bought in-store following research on the web than are actually found and bought purely on line. Multi-channel retailing is becoming highly significant because consumers are behaving as multi-channel shoppers. Any business ignoring this trend does so at their peril.


Tips To Stop Customers Abandoning Their Carts At Checkout

It is important to understand that abandoned shopping carts aren't necessarily negative. Customers put items into carts for many reasons: It may be competitors checking out your site, consumers comparing prices and policies, or novice shoppers who find your site too difficult to use. Or customers may check a site and then order by telephone. You get window shoppers online as much as in the high street, maybe more so as it's easier.

Follow these tips to encourage consumers to complete their purchase and buy again.


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