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Growing Traffic and Sales

Marketing to Mobile Users - Factors to take into account

The technology gossip in the first week of 2011 was all about two new ground-breaking products. First up Microsoft, in a break with their long-standing reliance on Intel, announced a version of Windows that will run on ARM processors, which power most of the world's smartphones.

Secondly, Sony hinted strongly at a forthcoming phone or tablet that will be capable of running games for the PlayStation Portable, or PSP.

Both moves took the technology world by surprise and generated great excitement in the industry. But what do they mean for marketing?


Guerilla Tactics

I've always felt that there were two types of startup - those with too much money and those with too little. I'll leave the topic of too much money for another day, and instead think about the more common problem of having too little money.


Making money online - set up and sit back

Many people dream of the perfect business where great profits are made with minimal effort. Chris Barling knows many people making a very good living with businesses operating online, and this article looks at a few hints on how to maximise sales with limited effort.


SEO - beyond the page

As a search engine optimisation specialist, people often ask if I can guarantee to get their web pages into top three positions on Google. The answer of course is,


What Not To Do In Business

I've just finished an extensive tour of some of my company's most successful online retailers. One common theme has been that they aim to provide excellent customer service. But I've droned on about that many times before, so I'll not bore you again.

However, one of the other themes that came out is how clear they are on what they are doing. The benefit of this is illustrated by the classic saying, "those that aim at nothing are lucky - they always hit their target."


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