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The three pillars of E-Commerce design

Sellerdeck Software's Ben Dyer looks at a number of best practice tips and advice for E-Commerce merchants, designers and implementers in the areas of the checkout, product pages and customer relations.

Sellerdeck powers over 12,000 stores in the UK and I get to see a lot of sites, both big and small, broad and niche. I also talk to loads of designers and merchants. In fact it's the best part of my job. However it doesn't matter who you are, I always receive the same set of questions: what's the best checkout experience, what should my content pages look like and how do I engage with customers better?

Within this article I look at a number of best practice tips and advice for E-Commerce merchants, designers and implementers in these three areas. To read the full article, visit .net.

Ecommerce Site Design to Increase Sales

In my first article I detailed a number of points any prospective E-Commerce merchant should be discussing with their site designer or implementer. In this piece I go a little further and explore some of the fundamentals of E-Commerce design and ways to involve prospects with your site.


Five tips for a successful product launch

I have recently been spending a lot of time thinking about product launches. My employer, Sellerdeck , is a few weeks away from rolling out a major update to one of its E-Commerce software products. While we have the advantage of an existing user base, many of the fundamentals for launching are the same whether it is an existing product or something completely new.


Brand Ambassadors could give you Wings

Recently I spent a very enlightening evening in the pub chatting to a friend's son. Fresh from his first term at University, studying for a business degree, I thought I would pick his brains for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Sadly it turns out I wasn't the first (and I quote) "Capitalist" was his response to my approach for ideas. Using an impressive enterprising spirit he has become, a Student Brand Manager, for several high profile companies operating on his campus.

A Student Brand Manager is basically the campuses "go to" guy or girl; they are being paid both in cash and freebies to promote a particular company's brand or product. Companies as diverse as Microsoft, Red Bull and Wilkinson Sword employ hundreds of students across the UK. I can see the attraction.


The do’s and don’ts of social media

  • Don't have unrealistic expectations and don't be over salesy. Going viral is a million to one chance
  • Don't forget to balance time spent interacting against sales gained and don't rule out advertising - it might give a better ROI
  • Don't ignore what your customers say, bad or good

It's easy to get things wrong when embracing the likes of Twitter and Facebook to promote your business. Chris Barling advises on what not to do when using social media for marketing.


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