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Improving Efficiency

Ecommerce at Christmas: Tips To Avoid Getting Stuffed

Christmas is the season of good cheer and giving, and particularly in these straightened times, it's critical to make the most of the opportunity.

The challenge for the online retailer can be split into two equally important areas - logistics and marketing. We'll look first at the marketing challenge as without success here, the logistics challenge may never arrive.


More Money, Less Hassle: Tips for an easier life in E-Commerce

Benjamin Dyer of E-Commerce specialist Sellerdeck looks at how to set up your online business to minimise hassle and maximise sales.

If you are a would-be entrepreneur, an existing business owner, or even a stay-at-home parent, selling online gives the potential to be a success without the headaches associated with traditional retail. A colleague of mine even suggests you can make money with your feet up!

In many ways my colleague is correct, the core mechanics of any business: the marketing, providing answers to questions consumers ask, selling, taking payment and even delivery can all be automated if you are online. The good news is if something can happen online, then it can happen without your intervention.


Preparing for a stress-free Christmas online

In retail it pays to be an early bird so you're not caught out by the rush from late October onwards. Here are some tips from Chris Barling, CEO of E-Commerce software supplier, Sellerdeck.


Cutting costs: how to cut the dead wood in your business to preserve the living

With government cutbacks beginning to bite, and over 100,000 jobs already at risk in local government alone, the era of austerity is upon us. A knock-on effect upon consumer spending seems virtually inevitable, and many businesses will need to cut their cloth, including some that have suffered cutbacks already. The biggest challenge may be deciding what to cut and what to keep. Here are a few tips to help prune the dead wood, and preserve what is living.


Getting the Most From Less

When cuts or savings need to be made people often make incredibly irrational decisions when real foresight is required. A common victim is the marketing budget, but if you suddenly drop off the radar, then customers and prospects are likely to assume the company is in trouble, so there's an argument for upping your spend and visibility.

Making savings is never easy; the biggest cost any business has comes through the door on two legs. And unless you graduated from the Ebenezer Scrooge school of economics no one likes cutting people's jobs. Unfortunately sometimes it's inevitable, but I won't try to cover best practice for this here.

However there are some less obvious savings that can be made that are less aggressive and have a significant impact.


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