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Improving Efficiency

ROI = Return On Influence

In my role at Sellerdeck I talk to a lot of small business owners. Apart from discussing the latest and greatest ideas in E-Commerce a lot of them want to talk to me about social media and how it can work with their business.

Much has already been written about the various tips, techniques and strategies businesses can adopt, so I won't go over this old ground again. However, one of the questions I have always struggled to answer is "How many extra sales will this make me?"


Saving money in less obvious ways

I've found that wasting money is appallingly easy in business, particularly as you grow bigger. It's not easy to deal with and I've had experience both of making great savings and wasting money too. Since saving money by negotiating with suppliers is pretty obvious, I'll leave that topic out. Instead, I want to talk about a few of the more unusual ways I've found that make it possible to keep those costs under control.


5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Excess Stock

Excess stock can take many forms; from the stockpile of last season's must-have accessory that simply won't sell, to that exuberant over-purchase of widgets for a deal which didn't come off. Regardless of the type, excess stock is at best an irritating problem that needs resolving, and at worst a drain on a small business's cash flow, but it's always money that's tied up.


Three IT tips to get you more organised

Ben Dyer from Sellerdeck explains how to know where things are and get stuff done.

OK, put your hands up if you consider yourself a highly productive person. Now, keep your hands up if you are also incredibly organised. I doubt there are many of you left.

In our increasingly busy lives, it's hard to stay productive and organised.

I am a self-confessed productivity junkie and always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make my life easier. Here are my top three; IT isn't central to all of them, but then that's because technology isn't always the answer. I would love to hear what works for you.


Recession-Busting Efficiency For Your Marketing

When time and money are in short supply, efficiency is the name of the game, and nothing has done more to increase marketing efficiency than the internet. These are the top 3 technologies that I have found most effective in getting more bangs out of the marketing budget - and why.


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