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Securing your Business

Design Tips to Increase Conversions

Chris Dicken is a man with many years experience in developing websites and helping them to sell more. In this blog, he shows us the importance of design and layout for an e-commerce store to optimise sales.


How much should a business spend on IT?

Sellerdeck's own Products and Services Director, Chris Bray, has had a career spent in IT and knows the challenges that small businesses can face. Here, he gives his guide to budgeting your IT requirements.


Setting Up Shop Online: Security and reassurance for customers

In the seventh post of our series on setting up an E-Commerce operation, Simon Armstrong, marketing manager for E-Commerce specialist Sellerdeck, offers essential tips for making sure your customers feel secure when buying from you online.

To be successful online your site needs to convey that you are a reputable company and give potential customers confidence to do business with you. This article highlights how to offer reassurance to customers that it's safe to buy from you.


Business stupidity strikes again - online payment folly

When I was a kid Guy Fawkes' Day was a big deal. But the cost in human terms was horrific. Every year, thousands were badly burnt by fireworks, topped up by a few deaths. There was a campaign to emphasise safety - and storing fireworks carefully was one of the cardinal rules.


6 Traps to Avoid in Social Networking

If you want to get an idea of the growing impact of social networking, just type something like "Facebook growth graph " into Google. With more than 450 million (and counting) active users, as a marketer it's hard not to be excited about the potential. Adding to the impression that this is a field that matters, Twitter has reached over 100 million social activists, increasing by 300k per day. YouTube is another hot spot, with yet another case of extraordinary growth.


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