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Tips and Tricks

Your 5 Point Introduction to Google Analytics

Our resident Google Analytics expert, James Hart, gives his insight on 5 great areas of Google Analytics to pay attention to to help better understand your analytics.


Why humour is the language of the Internet and how to embrace it

Our SEO and Social Media guru, Tim Pritchard, talks cats, and why it is important to be humorous online.


Details of JavaScript Compression in v14

One of the new features in version 14 is the compression or 'minification' of the JavaScript. This means all the JavaScript that is required for Sellerdeck to run is shrunk down to be as small as possible. This significantly helps performance in the web browser, and is one of the things that Google looks for when it is ranking sites for performance.

The way it works is that Sellerdeck uploads all the default scripts as part of a file called sellerdeck.min.js.

However, if you make a manual change to any of the js files in Sellerdeck, the software will upload those modified files rather than the minified file. Fortunately, there is a (somewhat technical) way to do re-minify the files yourself.


Using Filters Effectively

Filtering is one of the most powerful features in Sellerdeck, and consequently it is one of the most tricky to configure, and most difficult to get working reliably.

Here’s a guide to using filtering effectively, and getting the most out of this impressive feature.


Defusing Delivery

Sellerdeck's new Integrated Shipping service offers a brilliant way to help keep customers happy while they wait for their products. In this month's blog article, Chris Dicken looks at some other simple things you can do to defuse the issue of delivery.


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