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Awards-Worthy Delivery for Classy Glass

Eight years ago, if you had told Amanda Cale that the biggest challenge she would be facing with Classy Glass today was getting parcels out the door fast enough, she would have probably laughed at you.

“Back in 2007 I was struggling to make ends meet with my glass engraving business. I had two choices – either I had to close or I had to find a way to bring more sales in.“

Fortunately, she chose the second option and decided to set up an online store to sell and market her range of individually engraved glassware and trophies. Soon business was taking off and within a year Amanda had doubled the turnover of the company.

But increasing the number of orders going out the door causes problems:

“We can’t be late with our industry – prompt and reliable delivery is incredibly important to us. Imagine having an Oscars ceremony, but where the Oscars haven’t been delivered on time!”

Classy Glass needed a way to process orders more accurately and speedily, so when Amanda heard about the new Sellerdeck Integrated Shipping functionality, powered by GFS, they were immediately interested and joined the pilot program.

“As a way of getting the parcels out the door it is excellent. There are no longer any errors caused by typing information across different systems and the dispatch system is now much quicker.”

Furthermore, GFS were able to negotiate a deal on behalf of Classy Glass with the courier DPD, which gave Amanda access to a delivery service that is not usually accessible to businesses of her size.