Sellerdeck Integrated Shipping

Sellerdeck Integrated Shipping
  • Highly Competitive Packet and Parcel Rates
  • Multiple Delivery Services with SMS Notifications
  • UK and International Coverage
  • Single Consolidated Invoice
  • Integrated Label Printing

When selling online, it is not about how you start, it is about how
you finish.

The money you invest attracting visitors to your website and converting them into customers is wasted unless you are able to deliver the goods they order, to the right place at the right time.

Creating an effective delivery process requires two things:

  • A range of delivery options that make it convenient for customers to accept delivery of your goods.
  • A reliable service that enables you to meet the expectations you set when an order is placed, with effective problem-solving services for when things go wrong.

Failing to deliver in these areas results in reduced conversion rates, dissatisfied customers and a loss of ground to your competitors.

The GFS Delivery Service

That’s why Sellerdeck has formed a partnership Global Freight Solutions (GFS) – one of the UK’s largest aggregators of parcel services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer deliveries. GFS has been operating since 2001 and last year GFS customers shipped more than ten million parcels.

Due to GFS's buying power, it is able to offer Sellerdeck customers access to a broad range of services at extremely competitive rates for both UK and International destinations. GFS is offering preferential rates to Sellerdeck customers that have been benchmarked against the UK’s leading delivery firms enabling them to provide you with significant savings on your current carriage spend whilst improving service.

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Sellerdeck Integrated Labelling

Sellerdeck Integrated labelling enables Sellerdeck customers to print shipping labels with Sellerdeck Order Processing. Supplied free of charge with the GFS Delivery Service, Sellerdeck Integrated Labelling integrates Sellerdeck with GFS Selector, an on-site labelling application. In addition to printing labels, Sellerdeck integrated labelling ensures your customer emails contain the links they need to track their delivery through the shipping process.

By implementing Sellerdeck Integrated Labelling in your E-Commerce system you can reduce the cost of shipping and provide your customers with an improved service. Also, because you do not have to re-key delivery addresses, you no longer suffer the stress of problems cause by keying errors.

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