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Sellerdeck Desktop Features

This section details the many features of Sellerdeck Desktop. There are so many it is difficult to list them all in one place in a way that it easy to digest, so we have broken down the component parts into sections that makes sense.

Compare Software Versions

If you are an existing Sellerdeck user, you can compare Sellerdeck Desktop 2016 with previous versions of the software using the software comparison tool below. Simply select your current version and and click 'Submit'.

Fully-integrated E-Commerce services

You can speed up the process of bringing a new site online, or upgrading an existing site using Sellerdeck Ecommerce Website Services. These include support and upgrades, training, web hosting, payment processing, customer feedback and postcode look-up. Sellerdeck E-Commerce website services are easy to apply and integrate, combining 100% product compatibility with a single billing relationship.