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Scalability and Efficiency

Scaling Sellerdeck with your business

Scaling Sellerdeck with your business

Scalability is an absolute requirement if you don't want technology to stand in the way of business growth. Sellerdeck supports a range of options, from single users to building and running online stores from a single PC to multiple users operating multiple stores though multiple channels.

Also, Sellerdeck's extendable architecture means that developers can create and integrate any new features that are required.

  • Single and multi-user systems
  • Extendable architecture
  • Tightly-integrated hosting
  • Microsoft Access and SQL Server options
  • Prompted backup and restore

Feature Business Sellerdeck
for Sage 50
Extendable architecture allowing developers to add new features New! Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Access database Yes Yes Yes
High performance MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server Express database Yes
Start-up and Design wizards to get started quickly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prompted backup and restore feature Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fast upload facility for Sellerdeck Hosting and compatible specialist hosts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create multiple sites from a single licence Yes Yes
Multi-user option for catalogue management and order processing (up to 4 users) Yes
Multi-user option for catalogue management and order processing (4+ users) Yes
Manage user access to assign user roles and responsibilities Yes
Site selection on start up Yes Yes