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Sellerdeck Cloud

Sellerdeck Cloud Benefits

  • Enterprise level software with international reach
  • Powerful design and merchandising features
  • Extensible architecture with 1000s of plugins
  • Broad range of integrated services
  • Tried and tested, market-leading technology

Sellerdeck Cloud is an online E-Commerce solution that is designed for businesses that need an enterprise-level platform to grow their businesses. Based on the well-known and highly-regarded Magento platform, Sellerdeck Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that operating multiple online stores, in multiple locations. With support for a broad range of languages and currencies and numerous software extensions, Sellerdeck Cloud can meet the needs of almost any online business, today and in the future.

Enterprise-Level Cloud Technology

Technology may not play the defining role in whether a business is successful, but it can play a vital one. That is why Sellerdeck has selected the Magento E-Commerce platform to power Sellerdeck Cloud. Magento is tried and tested and powers one in four of the world’s online E-Commerce stores.

One of the many benefits of using a mature technology is that it is feature rich. Out of the box, Sellerdeck Cloud includes many powerful features, including support of multiple sites, multiple languages and multiple currencies. This makes it an ideal solution for online businesses looking to expand into new markets and overseas.

Furthermore, the cloud-based and extensible architecture of Sellerdeck Cloud, means that when a retailer needs unique functionality it can either be purchased via the extension store or developed to meet the need. And, because Magento is supported by most online service providers, the system integrations that are essential to power a modern day business are usually already available.

Full Service and Support

One of the risks inherent in the use of any open source technology is who takes overall responsibility for maintaining it. Sellerdeck fills this gap, offering Sellerdeck Cloud customers access to the same backup and support it offers on its own Sellerdeck Desktop platform. With almost 20 years’ experience and an estimated £11 billion of transactions through its technology, Sellerdeck has the skills and experience you need to redevelop your online business and grow your online sales.

That means whether you are moving your Sellerdeck Desktop store to the cloud or redeveloping you existing cloud solution, you can count on Sellerdeck to preserve your search engine rankings and website traffic. That means your Sellerdeck Cloud store will not only enable you to find and convert new customers, but better serve your existing ones as well.