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Responsive Design FAQs

What is the Sellerdeck Responsive Design Service?

The Sellerdeck Responsive Design service will make your website mobile friendly by replacing your current look and feel with a brand-new 'responsive' website design.

A responsive design automatically detects whether it is being viewed on a large monitor or on a small smartphone and rearranges itself to appear optimally on whatever screen size it is being viewed on. It means that whatever device your customers use to visit your site, they will have no problem finding your products and placing an order.

As well as receiving a new mobile-friendly design, your store will be upgraded to the latest version of Sellerdeck so that all the latest features will be available for you to use.


What will my new Responsive Design look like?

Sellerdeck have several responsive templates that can be used as the basis of your new design. Click on the links below to see the preview in action:



While viewing the designs, change the size of your browser window to see the responsive functionality in action.


How much of my current design will be retained?

During the design process, we will work with you to make sure that your logo, colour scheme, fonts and general branding are maintained as much as possible in the new design, but it is a sophisticated template so there are some limitations in terms of customising and re-arranging the layout.


Will I lose all my plug-ins and script changes?

If you have been using Sellerdeck for a few years, you might have applied a change to the perl scripts based on instructions in our Advanced User Guide or on our community. If you have done this and you want to keep these changes, you just need to let us know about them so they don't get missed during the upgrade.

With plug-ins, the most common ones are for things like tabs on product pages, multiple images, delivery calendar, etc. provided by our partners such as Codepath, Drillpine, Mole End or Tod Designs.

Other features such as Google Translator, Dynamic Currency Converters and You Tube videos are all classified as plug-ins so please let us know if you have any before we start the upgrade.


What is the process for an upgrade?

Once the order is confirmed Sellerdeck will prepare a stylebook that details the colours, fonts, logos and page structure that your new design will have. From this stylebook, static designs will be created that will show you how your home page, section pages and product pages will look with your new design.

Once you sign off on the static designs we will request a snapshot from you and upgrade this to the latest version, applying the templated design. Your upgraded site will go through QA (Quality Assurance) to ensure that the core functionality works correctly and then make this site available to you for your feedback.

We will then contact you to arrange deployment so that you can get ready to go live.


What are some of the new features you can add to my site?

Feefo Feedback & Reviews

You can integrate Sellerdeck with Feefo's review service. Your customers will be contacted automatically asking for reviews, and their will be feedback on your website. This is a proven way to engage with customers, build trust and also increase search engine rankings.

Product slideshows and carousels

Easily add animated slideshows of promotional images to any page of your store.

Social media integration

Connect your site with all the major social networks and enable your customer to easily like, share and tweet about your products.

HTML emails

Send the Sellerdeck standard emails such as Order Received and Order Shipped to your customers in an HTML format. This means your logo and branding can be included together with links back to your website.

Online customer accounts, order tracking and history

This enhanced feature allows your customers to create their own accounts for your site allowing them to track their orders and view their purchase history.


What will the Responsive Upgrade NOT include?

The responsive upgrade will give a brand new design to your site, and we will ensure that all your existing content looks good with it. We will not, however, make any changes to your existing content, which could affect the following functionality:

  • If you have any more than about 8 top-level departments in your store, then it probably won't be possible to implement the 'Mega Menu' feature of the new responsive design (i.e. the horizontal menu with drop downs). Your list of top level sections will be included as a list in the sidebar as it is currently.
  • We may not be able to activate Sellerdeck's filtering feature for you. Filtering is a powerful way to allow people to navigate the content of your store by selecting certain criterea and having Sellerdeck just display the products that match that criterea. In order for your upgraded site to support filtering, you need to already have the following in place:
    • You need to be using Sellerdeck's 'Product Page' feature to create product details pages
    • You need to have a certain number of filtering criterea already set up in your store
    • You mustn't have fragments within the lists of products on your store pages

More information can be found within the 'Filtering in Sellerdeck' guide.


Will this upgrade affect my search engine rankings?

During the upgrade we will make sure that all your section page names and product page names stay as they are so Google will have no problem finding and indexing the upgraded site pages.

When there are any changes to page names, such as when a section hierarchy is reorganised, we will advise you on what to do to make sure Google can find the new pages. This will usually be via supplying a set of 301 redirect instructions.


Can I change my existing page names?

While it is true that there are certain formats of page name that Google prefers over others (e.g. names with keywords in them separated by dashes) an existing page name that's been sitting around on Google for years will always rank better than a new page name.

If you really do want to change a section name then a 301 redirect should be put in place to direct Google and visitors from the old page to the new page. This means that any search engine rankings will eventually be transferred from the old to the new page.

Please speak with us about this, and we'll advise you on the best course of action.


Are there any additional services you offer?

Yes, we can provide a number of additional services including:

  • Sellerdeck Ignite: traffic generation service
  • Sellerdeck Evolve: business consultancy and market positioning service
  • Sellerdeck Web Hosting
  • Secure credit-card authorisation via Sellerdeck Payments

Please contact our Sales team on 0845 189 1859 if you would like to discuss these additional services.


What about ongoing support?

Once the upgrade is completed, you receive support for two weeks after delivery for any issues that arise. Ongoing support beyond that is available with a Sellerdeck Cover contract.


What devices are used and tested?

The browsers and devices that are tested and supported are listed below:

  • IE10
  • IE11
  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Safari (on iPad, and iPhone)
  • Windows Phone (Lumia 520)
  • iPhone (4s + 5)
  • Samsung Galaxy (S3)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (7" mini tablet)
  • Advent android (mini tablet)
  • iPad (full tablet)