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Sellerdeck Affiliate Partners

The Sellerdeck Affiliate programme is an opportunity for you to earn commissions from promoting and referring users to a range of Sellerdeck services.

The programme provides commissions for referrals for the following Sellerdeck services:

  • Sellerdeck Payments
  • Sellerdeck Hosting
  • Sellerdeck Cover
  • Feefo

How does it work?

All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate account. It’s free to join and there’s no commitment. Once signed up you will receive a unique affiliate ID and login access to your account to view details of your affiliate transactions. When your customers place orders with the Sellerdeck sales team your affiliate ID ensures that you receive a commission from that sale.

What can I earn?

You will receive a ‘Commission Percentage’ from the revenue of each sale (see commission percentage matrix below). For referrals that lead to a regular payment from the customer e.g. monthly or annually, the Commission Percentage will apply to every regular payment.

Commission Percentages

Affiliate Type
Standard Premium
Payments 10%
Hosting 10%
Cover 10%
Feefo 10%

All affiliates will start as Standard affiliates. On referring 25 customers you will be entitled to upgrade to a ‘Premium’ affiliate.

Who can join?

The programme is open to anyone.

It’s ideal for existing Sellerdeck partners who sell or promote the range of Sellerdeck E-Commerce software solutions. Now you can also benefit from referring your customers to the range of Sellerdeck E-Commerce services.

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